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Play Spider Solitaire 4 Suits Classic - A Free To Play Game

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The web game Spider Solitaire Classic is a logical game, developed in the best traditions. It means you have to follow the long-established rules that you probably already know. But even if you’ve never played classic solitaire before, don’t worry, the rules are extremely simple.

This game has a convenient interface that will help you to figure everything out. First, you have to choose the level of difficulty from the easy (1 suite) to the hard (4 suits) one. Then the game starts. If you want, you can play full screen. There is also a menu button in the upper left corner, where you can pause your game, start a new one or turn off the sound. In the upper right corner you’ll see the amount of steps you’ve made and your bonuses. If you don’t see any possible moves, double click on the card and it’ll change its position.

The interface is really inviting to the eye. Usually similar web games have a bright green background that can irritate you. But Spider Solitaire Classic has the background that imitates a wooden table and the cards have an old slightly shabby look. It provides some authentic atmosphere that makes an illusion of a real-life game.

You can play this game whenever you want. If you’re in a bad mood or when you’re bored, just turn on Spider Solitaire Classic on your computer or phone, and such easy relaxing rhythm of the game will definitely distract you from all the problems.

How To Play

This version of the game has an infinite undo function. If you think you should have placed some card differently, just take a few steps back and re-arrange your cards. If you are out of moves, deal ten new cards. To do so, click on the stock.

There are three levels you can choose from. The easiest is one suit Solitaire. As the name suggests, you play with one suit, which makes it easy to solve the game. For intermediate level choose two suit Solitaire. It is a bit more challenging, but still quite easy to solve. For real challenge, try the hardest level of the game: four suite Solitaire.


GameBoss is the developer of this game.

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