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With Spider Solitaire you can test your attentiveness and patience. Select one of three levels to start the game. If you are new to this game, start with one suit Spider Solitaire, as it is the easiest level. If you want something more complex, choose the intermediate level, which is two suit Spider Solitaire. If that is too easy for you, try the hard level, which is four suit Spider Solitaire.

Your goal is to remove all cards from the in-play area. Cards are removed when you complete a set of 13 cards of the same suit in descending sequence. Spider Solitaire is played with 104 cards, which means you have to complete 8 sequences, or builds.

To move cards, just drag and drop them one on another. You can also move several cards at a time, but they need to be ordered by rank. It is possible to place cards of different suits on each other (i.e., you can place spades on hearts). But it may become harder to complete the build, so be careful with mixing suits. If you don’t want to drag and drop cards, you can also double-click on the card you want to move, and it will move automatically. To move the column, double-click on the first card in the sequence.

When you are out of moves, deal ten new cards by clicking on the stock. And if you realize you made a mistake, just go several steps back with the “Undo” button.

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