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Play Freecell Solitaire Time - A Free To Play Game

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Freecell Solitaire Time is the game that won’t let you fall asleep. It is an addictive and funny activity for those, who prefer challenges.


All you need to do is put the cards in 4 free boxes in the top right corner: hearts with hearts, diamonds with diamonds and so on. The cards must be arranged from the lowest one to the highest: from ace to king. Seems easy? Don’t forget that you have only 10 minutes.


The game implies one standard deck that holds 52 playing cards. There are 4 open cells in the top left corner for you to make some temporary moves as well as 4 foundations on the right side. You must place all cards in the foundation piles by suit in the right order.

From the beginning all playing cards are seen face up. They are dealt into 8 drop-down rows (so-called cascades). Every cascade from those on the left side include 7 cards while the 4 lines on the right have only 6 cards each.

The top card of the cascade creates a depot (tableau) that must be arranged by alternating colors. For example, drag the red 7 on the black 8.


In order to build depots you can move any top card of any cascade as well as cards that you have put in a free cell before. Complete or incomplete depot that consists of multiple cards can also be placed on the existing tableau or on an empty cascade.

Useful tips

  1. Pay attention to all top cards at once and guess several variations of future moves.
  2. Try to get rid of aces — move them to proper foundations as soon as possible.
  3. Keep the open cells empty so you can get some maneuvering space.

So get it done with no mistakes. The clock is ticking!

The game developed by GameBoss.

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