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FreeCell Blue is different from many other versions of solitaire games, because all 52 cards are dealt face-up from the beginning. This lets you look at cards and plan your moves more thoroughly than in other solitaire games.


There are eight empty cells. The ones to the left are called Free Cells. They are used when you need to temporarily store some of the cards somewhere. Four cells to the right are called Home Cells. They are used to build foundations in ascending sequence from: the lowest rank (Ace) to the highest rank (King). The goal of the game is to remove all cards from the in-play area and complete foundations.

How to play

Start moving cards and building sequences in descending order of alternate colors. If you need to remove one of the cards, but you can’t add it to one of the sequences, place it in the free cell. While you build sequences, try to free Aces. As soon as you have at least one Ace available, you can start building foundations.

Using free cells

Try to keep free cells empty. Here’s why: as per rules, you are allowed to move only one card at a time. However, if you have empty free cells, you can move several cards. The number of cards you can move simultaneously is equal to the number of empty free cells plus one. E.g., if you have all four cells empty, you are allowed to move a sequence of five cards.


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