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Solving FreeCell Grand Solitaire may seem an easy thing to do, but it can be quite tricky.

As in all solitaire games, your goal is to sort out the cards in the in-play area and complete four foundations. Start building the foundations as soon as at least one Ace is available. Continue to assemble cards in foundations in ascending order.

To sort the cards in the in-play area, assemble them in columns. Drag and drop the cards in descending order of alternate colors. In FreeCell, you are allowed to move only one card at a time. But there is a feature that allows you to move a column of cards. Use free cells for that. To move five cards, all four free cells should be empty. To move four cards, you need three empty cells, etc. Also, remember that you can only move several cards simultaneously if they are sorted by rank. It is useful to keep all of the free cells empty as long as possible. But you can use them to store some of the cards that block the game.

As you see all of the cards from the beginning of the game, you can plan your moves. That’s why FreeCell is a great game to train your patience and analytical skills.

FreeCell Grand has an unlimited undo function.


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