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Play Mahjong Cards - A Free To Play Game

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Relaxing Mahjong and the well-known cards — what an exciting mix of the two popular challenges! Let’s have a closer look at the web game called Mahjong Cards.


In order to win you have to find all the matching pairs of cards and remove them from the board. This means you need to concentrate and pay attention to the numbers, pictures, suits and colors at once. The timer is set for 8 minutes, so try to spot the similar tiles as fast as you can.


Unlike the classic versions of this old Chinese game that imply the patterned tiles, Mahjong Cards uses 144 standard playing cards which you are definitely familiar with.

Possible moves

You can remove any card that is not blocked by other playing tiles, meaning there is no tile on its left and/or right side. And, of course, there should be no covering tile.

If you can’t guess the next move, you may ask for a hint, but not more than three times within the particular game. And there are three chances to shuffle the playing cards so that you can get some new combinations which are probably more successful.

Although a gameplay may seem quite simple, the solving often turns out to be tricky. We bet you will enjoy our Mahjong Cards game!


The game is developed by GameBoss.

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