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Play Arkadium Crescent Solitaire - A Free To Play Game

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Crescent Solitaire is played with two decks of cards. The goal of this game is to complete eight foundations. You need to assemble four of them in ascending order (from Ace to King) and four in descending order (from King to Ace).

The cards form a big arc (or a crescent) around the foundations, that’s where the name of the game comes from. the top cards are free to play around the tableau or on the foundations. You can move only one card at a time.

You can move the cards around the semicircle. The cards can be placed up or down (i.e., you can place 3 on 4 or 4 on 3), but you only can move them by suit. I.e., it is not possible to place hearts on diamonds, etc. When you sort out a pile of cards, this space can not be filled with other cards.

When you are out of moves, you can use the reshuffle. The reshuffle can be done only 3 times during the game. With this feature, the bottom card of each pile is placed on the top. The cards in the middle stay in the same order.

Arkadium Crescent Solitaire has two useful features: the “Hint” and the “Undo” buttons. However, when taking a step back, it is counted as an additional move.

Will you manage to finish the Solitaire in 15 minutes?

How To Play

  1. The game is played with two decks of cards.
  2. The middle contains eight foundation piles, four that go from aces up, and four that go from kings down. You must build these up or down in suit. Each starts with one card.
  3. The tableau is in a crescent shape, with 16 piles or 6 cards.
  4. You can only move one card at a time.
  5. You can move a card from one tableau pile to another as long as they match in suit and are either one more or less in value. You can wrap kings to aces and aces to kings.
  6. Click the stock space at the upper left to perform a special move. This will bring the bottom card to the top of each tableau pile. You can do this three times with standard rules.
  7. Empty tableau piles cannot be used.
  8. Move all cards to the foundations to complete the game.

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