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Do you remember how you discovered Solitaire games? Most probably you did when you got your first computer. You might even remember how the menu looked like back in the day. FreeCell XP will make you feel like you are back in time. This game looks exactly like the one that was installed on your old computer.

What you need to do is to sort out all of the cards in four stacks (or foundations) in the ascending sequence. It might seem easy, especially since you see all of the cards right from the beginning of the game. But don’t let this game fool you!

To build foundations, you have to sort out the cards in the in-play area. Make sequences of cards that are ordered in decreasing order of alternate colors. Start dragging and dropping them on each other. Once you have at least one of the Aces available to play, you can start assembling the foundations. The game gives you a hint about the cards that are free to play. Those cards appear brighter than the others. If you have a possibility to move several cards, then the column of available cards will appear brighter.

There is a trick in moving stacks of cards. As per the rules of FreeCell, you can move the cards only one by one. But four empty free cells help you to move a stack of cards. You can move a maximum of five cards at a time if all of the free cells are empty. This means that when you occupy a free cell, the number of cards you can move decreases. That’s why you should try to keep free cells available all the time. Also, it is convenient to use free cells to store some of the cards that block your next move.

FreeCell XP has an infinite undo function. It’s also fun to select a game of a specific number. Just use the relative function and enter a number from 1 to 1000000.

How To Play

Like Klondike Solitaire, cards are rearranged by placing cards of descending value and alternating color (the 6 of diamonds can be placed on the 7 of clubs or the 7 of hearts). Click a card to highlight it and click another card to move the highlighted card. Cards can also be moved to one of the four “free cells,” temporary storage slots, which fill up fast.

The game keeps track of how many hands you have won and lost, and how long your current winning or losing streak may be.


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