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Play Klondike Solitaire Grand - A Free To Play Game

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If you have a few minutes to spare, try playing the Klondike Solitaire Grand. It’s a perfect game to test your patience.

The goal of the game is to build four foundations out of 52 cards. Each foundation starts with an Ace and ends with a King. To assemble foundations, you need to sort out the cards on the tableau and play the cards out of the stock.

To sort out the cards, start forming columns. Assemble the cards in the columns in descending order of alternate colors. Your goal is to open as many hidden cards in the piles as possible.

As soon as you sort out one of the piles, you have an empty space to fill. However, you may fill it only with a King. It can be a single card or a sequence that starts with a King.

If there are no more free cards to play, start drawing cards out of stock. Before you start the game, choose how the cards should be drawn: one by one or three at a time. If you can, play the card that you have drawn. If the card can’t be played, click on the stock to see the next card.

Large, legible cards are used for the Klondike Solitaire Grand. To move the cards, you can drag and drop them or double-click on the card you want to move. This version of the game also has an infinite undo function.


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